Beer in mind

"What's the beer I had that time?"
We hope that's our beer you think of in such moments.
Fond memories of drinking with dear ones,
The excitement of having a great beer,
Heartfelt conversations with the brewers...
A beer stands by you in every moment of your life.
A beer you'll want to enjoy again and again.
That's our beer



Japanese style saison, More refreshing and drinkable.

Saison style beer using Jiuqu. Saison beer, which is said to have been made for the hydration of farmers, was prepared with white jiuqu, which contains more citric acid, which has a clearer and more refreshing acidity than lactic acid. More refreshing and drinkable. Please try CHORYO's original Saison.



Craft beer classic

One of the most classic craft beer styles, IPA has a robust bitterness, dry body, and hop aromas that can be described as citrus, fruity, sometimes like pine. Anyone who tries this will be surprised by its character at first, but by the time, the aroma and bitterness will have them hooked.
The intense experience will stay in your mind, and you will never forget the "beer you want to drink again/BEER IN MIND".



Daily rice, daily beer

Lager beer brewed with rice grown in Nara Prefecture. The subtle malt and hop flavors are meant to keep you coming back for more every day. The soft sweetness of the rice in the finish.
It is a beer with a comfortable taste made with rice, and is one of CHORYO's ideas for " the beer you want to drink again".


Limited brewing

Beyond the boundaries of beer

Limited brewing series that challenges new tastes without being bound by the frame of beer. They will be released depending on the season.


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Choryo Shuzo Co., Ltd.
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4, Minami, Koryo-cho, Kitakatsuragi-gun, Nara 635-0818 Japan
Tel : 0745-56-2026
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※We have obtained the certification for the design, development and manufacture of sake.



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